Encubate provides specialized services to Regional Centers, Developers, Franchisors, and many more business partners. We understand that international business requires knowledge of local markets around the global. Our consultants have traveled many countries, lived abroad for years, and experienced many cultures. Our experience is crucial to the success of our partners that lack the local knowledge in certain markets or do not have a way to reach clients in specific locations.

Encubate has developed an impressive collection of global business services that are uniquely designed to meet the needs of service providers all over the world. From trade shows and international pavilions to agent/distribution search and global market reports, Encubate helps you achieve your plans for growing your business internationally.

With extensive experience in the United States, Canada, and the Middle East, we can help you create an efficient and effective global strategy for your international expansion goals. We’ll work with you to reduce the risk associated with doing business on the international stage, while you capitalize on global opportunities. Utilizing our proficiency in speaking several languages such as English, Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin, and Spanish, is a focal key to your success in business expansion overseas. We simply help our partners bridge the gap between the East and the West.





So, why schedule a comprehensive consultation with us? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Whether you are a skilled professional, a business immigrant, a student, a foreigner worker, or even a visitor in Canada; you need to have a full understanding of your immigration options!

More importantly, you need to know how to enhance your chances in order to meet your immigration options. We would check your eligibility, confirm your qualifications, and provide you with our findings & recommendations in a form of a detailed report. And of course, we would explain to you, step by step, all the obligations you must fulfill to reach your immigration objectives.

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